“It is an excellent discographic debut characterized by an impeccable performance (the bond among the musicians is evident right away) but also by an exquisite selection of musical work: 6 pieces by 5 modern composers (two of them written specifically for the quartet) adorn the record and challenge the listener to enter into a magical world of guitar ingenuity.”
Jazz&tzaz Magazine

“Fortunately, I was back in my seat in time to witness a closing set from the young and hugely talented Miscelanea Guitar Quartet … these guys won the audience within the first few minutes”
Paul Fowles. Classical Guitar Magazine

“There are many and varied emotions running through the music; this is music to delight, to sadden, to entertain, every track highly interesting and skillfully written, and given superb performances by four excellent musicians...This is an excellent excursion into the contemporary world of guitar quartet”
Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine

“The exquisite sound of each phoneme (unknown to ‘baroque’ and ‘Hispanic Latin’ guitar transcribers) was reminiscent of a clavichord. We were also dazzled by the transcendent unity of synchronicity and by the imperceptible passage from guitar to vigorous guitar “ostinati”
Giorgos Leotsakos, Musicologist - Music Critic “Synthermeia 2009”

“I am delighted to have all my guitar quartet compositions premiered by the Miscelanea Guitar Quartet. Their brilliant interpretation of “Staubzucker” and “Apophis” has managed to enthuse audiences allover Europe and America, thus presenting contemporary music in a very successful and uncommon way”
Marios Joannou Elia, Composer

“When I imagine the sound of my favourite instrument played by four guitarists, I am excited. To work with the Miscelanea-Quartet, which does not shy away from new playing techniques, is a stroke of luck”
Mayako Kubo, Composer

“It is a pleasure to bring to your attention the extraordinary Miscellanea Quartet. I join the entire international family of the guitar in admiration of this remarkable ensemble and in wishing them the great continued success that they so richly deserve.”
Eliot Fisk, Guitar Virtuoso

“During an almost two-hour concert we enjoyed an incredible atmosphere and excellent guitar
performances of contemporary music by composers such as Leonardo Balada, Daniel Bernard
Roumain (Ghetto Strings), and Marios Joannou Elia.”
Agata Zukowska, Journalistin, IRKA