Miscelanea Guitar Quartet has given several concerts in Greece, Austria, Germany,
the Czech Republic, Spain (Iberic Chersonese and Canaria Islands), Poland and USA
and has performed in international festivals, such as:

> The International Symposium for the „Internationale Gesellschaft für
polyästhetische Erziehung”, with a concert dedicated to the founder of
the organisation, writer and ex-Dean of Mozarteum University, Wolfgang
Roscher. First world performance of “Staubzucker”, Marios Joannou Elia.
> „New Faces New Dances Festival” Performance of the Project „Musas y
Musicas“, a Race for two Quartets + 1 (Austria, January 2008).
> „Salzburg Biennnale”, an International Festival of Contemporary Music,
Mozarteum. First world performance of “Atem Pause”, Mayako Kubo.
(Austria, March 2009)
> „8th Veria Guitar Festival“ (Greece, April 2009).
> „Synthermeia“ 2009. 3rd International Contemporary Music Festival &
Competition of Composition, Thessaloniki (Greece, April 2009);
> „Boston Guitar Fest 2010“ (USA, June 2010).
> „Wroclaw Guitar Festival“ (Poland, November 2010).
> „VielSaiten Festival Wels“ (Austria, November 2010).
> „Heraklion Summer Arts Festival 2012“ (Greece, August 2012).
> „2nd Hydra Classical Festival“ (Greece , August 2012).
> „Literaturfest Salzburg“ (Austria, May 2013)
> „Jazzit Musik Club Salzburg„ (Austria, May 2013)
> „Casa dei Mezzo Music Festival„ (Greece, June 2013)
> “Passauer Seiten” (Germany, April 2014)

>"Interlab Salzburg" (Austria, June 2015)
> "16. Internationales Gitarrenfestival Hersbruck" (Germany, August 2015)

>"TAKE THE A-TRAIN, Jazz Festival am Bahnhof" (Austria, Salzburg, September 2015)

>"17.Internationales Gitarrenfestival Hersbruck" (Germany, August 2016)

>"TAKE THE A-TRAIN #2, Music Festival am Bahnhof" (Austria, Salzburg, September 2016)

"GuitArt Festival Plovdiv 2016" (Bulgaria, October 2016)